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  • Consuming a RESTful Web Service with Angular 4

    REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It is a stateless software architecture that provides many underlying characteristics and protocols that govern the behaviour of clients and servers. REST or HTTP based services are the primary requirements of single page applications to retrieve the data and gel into the web application. Angular off...

  • Lombok Installation And Usage In Java

    What is Lombok Lombok is a open source library (basically a standalone jar) which is capable of doing magic in automating the boilerplate code generation for any java class. So if Lombok is in classpath, it can easily get rid of all the getters & setters methods, class constructors, hashcode and equals methods and many […]...

  • HikariCP with Spring Boot

    Connection pooling is a technique used to improve performance in applications with dynamic database driven content. Opening and closing database connections may not seem like a costly expense but it can add up rather quickly. Connection pools are essentially a cache of open database connections. HikariCP is solid high-performance light-weight JDBC...

  • Create live bootable usb with ubuntu Operating system

    Creating a live bootable Ubuntu USB drive is easier. With this method we can install or test the latest Ubuntu without burning it to a DVD. This method is faster and easier for installing the Ubuntu OS on multiple computers. To make USB as bootable we need 3 things. 1.We have to use ubuntu ISO […]...

  • Introduction to JSON

    JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight format that is used for data interchanging. also a subset of JavaScript’s Object Notation (the way objects are built in JavaScript). JSON is used as web services responses. In the ‘old’ days, web services used XML as their primary data format for transmitting back data, but since ...

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